About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Even after 40 years, Lehigh Valley Pools maintains its standard of excellence. Owner and founder Don Hall still has the same philosophy he had when he started the business. He knows the right way to build a pool, and he is willing to take the time to do a good job every time.

Don puts it this way: "We have been building custom in-ground pools the same way for 40 years. I will personally take you from start to finish on your pool project, and when it's done, both of us will be proud of the result."

Our owner has two suggestions on how to choose the right pool company:

  1. Check with at least three people in your area who own a pool.
  2. Let me supply a list of 800 referrals who will tell you how happy they are with Lehigh Valley Pools. Contact us for more information or for our referral list.