Welcome to Lehigh Valley Pools!

Thank you for contacting my company in your search for someone to build your family pool.

A little background on Lehigh Valley Pools and my operation might help you to decide that Lehigh Valley Pools is one of the outstanding companies in the area. I have been in the pool industry as owner, operator and president of Lehigh Valley Pools for more than 40 years. We are insured and carry the required licenses for this area. Our crews are in-house and also carry insurance.

Lehigh Valley Pools also offers a complete line of services for your pool after it is installed. I personally will come out and spend some time discussing and helping you with your choice of pool. It will be an informal meeting and not a high pressure sales appointment with a salesman. Lehigh Valley Pools is your source for the complete design and construction of vinyl liner swimming pools in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Northampton and Lehigh Counties.

Get ready to change your plain backyard into a backyard paradise! Lehigh Valley Pools has a complete service team to handle all your pool needs in the future. Our experienced construction crews are ready to get started on your backyard today! Since Lehigh Valley Pools uses in-house crews, there are never questions of responsibility or procedure during the construction of your pool. Some of our installers have been with us for as long as 30 years! They know the job, and they'll do it right - quality construction every time. We also take care of the fencing, electric, water and landscaping surrounding your pool.

Our building materials are of the highest quality available. Lehigh Valley Pools leaves nothing to chance. We want to ensure that you can enjoy your backyard for years to come. That's why we offer Seablue pools, part of the Backyard Escape line of pools. Each Seablue pool comes with a full warranty for your peace of mind.

Contact Lehigh Valley Pools today, and get the quality and style you deserve! Member of the SCP "Escape to Your Backyard" program.